Steel Carports

For quality made sheds in South East Queensland

Affordable Custom Carports

Our steel carports are a perfect inexpensive way to shield your car from the elements. As with all of our products, you can choose the span, length, and height of your carport. But why stop there? You can include a carport on the side or front of your garage, giving you a secure place for storage or a workshop.

Flat Roof Carport

Customisable size and colours makes the flat roof an ideal choice for any situation.

1.3m standard front and rear cantilevers allow more room to swing your vehicle in and out.

Fully galvanised frame to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Gable Roof Carport

Gable Roof design optimises member span capabilities to provide wider spans and more versatility than the Flat Roof design.

Available in 11°, 15°, 22°, 30°, and 45° pitch to suit the design of any existing building.

Gable end clad option adds a touch of style to the front and rear elevations.

Garage with Garaport

An attractive way to increase your storage, workshop, and parking area.

Garaports can be added to most existing Just Sheds and Fair Dinkum Sheds but can also be purchased with the initial building.

Retention of one roof line allows the Garaport and existing structure to blend seamlessly.

Garage with Garaport and Lean-to

A range of possible options available including an attached Garaport and open Lean-to, along with a roller door and two personal access doors.

Can be built on isolated piers which can be a much cheaper option to pouring a concrete slab initially.

The Dutch Gable Carport

Fits in perfectly with modern house designs that utilise Dutch Gable designs.

Standard 1.3m front and rear cantilever allows for easy entry and exit of the carport.

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