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Sheds Sunshine Coast

At Just Sheds, we build custom sheds for commercial, private and industrial customers across the Sunshine Coast, including Bundamba, Gympie, Brendale and Caboolture. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built sheds for customers requiring everything from equine shelters to carports and American barns, and much more. If you’re looking for professional, dedicated shed builders who will work closely with you to bring your perfect shed to life, get in touch with us at Just Sheds.




At Just Sheds, we pride ourselves on being the Sunshine Coast’s premier provider of custom-made sheds, garages and carports. Our expertise allows us to offer a wide range of customisation options to meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether for residential, rural, industrial or commercial purposes. From the initial design to the final installation, our team works closely with you to ensure that your new shed aligns perfectly with your requirements and preferences. Whether you need a spacious garage or a durable carport, we offer endless customisation options, including sizes, materials and additional features like open bays, enclosed bays and divider walls.

Contact us today to discuss your custom shed needs and discover why Just Sheds is the preferred choice on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

High-Quality Sheds For Sale On The Sunshine Coast

At Just Sheds, we are committed to providing high-quality sheds to customers across the Sunshine Coast. Our team has the necessary experience to build steel structures that last for a long time, with options to incorporate additional features and a wide range of custom specifications.

The shed types we offer include:

For more information on our services, or to get a free quote, contact us on (07) 5445 8532 or (07) 3271 2523.

25+ Years’ Experience As Shed Builders On The Sunshine Coast

We have served customers on the Sunshine Coast, and across Queensland, for over two decades now, and our knowledge of shed building has only developed further this time. This means we know exactly what makes a strong shed and how we can build them to last in the conditions you expect, and those you don’t.

Our shed-building services rely on a qualified, experienced team with excellent industry training. Each build we complete stands as a testament to our high-quality service – one that only exists because of the high standards we set ourselves on every job.

Family Owned & Operated Business

Our family-owned and-operated business has worked hard for years to ensure all of our customers are thoroughly satisfied with their shed or carport purchase. We build all of our buildings to the highest building standards of the Building Code of Australia and are ShedSafe Accredited. When you work with us, you can always know that you’re getting the highest-quality materials and the best workmanship in the business.

sheds sunshine coast

We’ve Been Building Sheds For Over 25 Years

Our director, Chris Bourke, has worked in the industry for over 25 years including at grass roots erecting. As such Just Sheds has the knowledge of exactly how things need to go together. Although we started on the Sunshine Coast, we have expanded to serve other areas in South East Queensland so no matter where you are we are sure to be able to assist. We’re fully QBCC licensed too for your peace of mind. Whether your project is small or large, we work closely with our teams of erectors to ensure your shed or carport meets our high standards, as well as the standards set by the industry and the country.

Industrial shed

Our sheds are ShedSafe accredited too

We use unique technology that lets us design or modify aspects of your shed or carport building project as we proceed through the quoting process. You can rest assured that all of our sheds meet the ShedSafe standards as well. Talk to us about your requirements—we want to know that the shed or carport we quote and supply for you meets your intended purpose. All of our sheds and carports can be designed to your home or business’s landscape, size or shape requirements.

Shed Safe Accredited

We Install Custom Sheds Across South East QLD

We work with residential, rural and industrial clients across South East Queensland, including the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland, Gympie, Cooloola Cove, Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay, Brisbane, Ipswich, Wacol, North Brisbane, Pine Rivers, Redcliffe and Caboolture areas. Wherever you live in the South East Queensland region, call us whenever you need a shed or carport that stands up to South East Queensland’s climate and weather.


Quality Sheds Built to last

Work with us and we’ll help you design the perfect shed for your space, taking into consideration the purpose and requirements for the shed as well as the shape and layout of your property. If you’re looking for inspiration, why not check out our gallery or Facebook page and see some of the steel sheds we’ve built for customers on the Sunshine Coast before. This is just a small sample of our work: if there’s something you’re thinking of and don’t see it here, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk you through what we can do.


We build sheds that are designed to withstand years of use and weathering. Designed with the extremes of the Australian climate in mind, our sheds will withstand the test of time and remain sturdy and strong for decades, with minimal care and maintenance. We’ve worked on sheds in the past for customers in need of heavy-duty storage, including agricultural barns and machinery sheds, as well as regular sheds for domestic customers.

We provide site-specific-engineered and ShedSafe compliant
buildings, using Genuine Bluescope and COLORBOND Steel

Just Sheds Garages and Sheds

We can create sturdy steel garages to suit many purposes, with designs that match your unique requirements, no matter the vehicle you need to keep safe. Our garage options include Double, Drive-Through, Multiple Car, and Triple Car, alongside a custom option that’s ideal for a wide range of bespoke projects.

Carports Sunshine Coast

Steel carports can protect your vehicle from the elements, while still showing it off to your neighbours and any passers-by. You get to decide where we place the carport on your property and select dimensions that match your vehicle, while BlueScope and COLORBOND® steel help provide the best possible defence.

industrial sheds sunshine coast

We build and provide farm sheds to store equipment, hay and even farm animals – with the possibility to mix and match these options according to your needs. They can have open bays, enclosed bays, sliding doors and other mechanisms that balance accessibility and security, alongside a durable design made of galvanised steel.

sheds for sale

A popular stabling alternative, our American barns have a traditional appearance, which proves you can easily blend both form and function without compromising on either. This choice could be especially useful for multi-car storage, horse stables and more, offering a cost-effective structure with several options and varieties to choose from.

Quaker Barn sheds

Another traditional build with a distinctive look, Quaker barns are great for creating wide-open storage spaces with added height. This allows your barn to double as a form of accommodation or even a double garage – no matter how you use it, you can always trust the steel construction.

Industrial Sheds Sunshine Coast

We can fashion large-scale, cost-effective steel buildings for your company, with enough room for all manner of industrial duties. This could be a simple storage facility or warehouse, or even an employee garage. We can also install roof insulation and ventilation to ensure your storage stays at the right temperature.

Quality Sunshine Coast Sheds & Carports

Fully Built or DIY Kits Available

Visit one of our 4 local display sites

Across South East Queensland



Specific to your site.

Looking for Sunshine Coast sheds? We have a range of storage sheds, carports, garages and more. Our friendly Salespeople will listen to you and discuss options to ensure you get the ultimate shed or carport to suit your needs and site.  They can then guide you through the simple process to take your quote to contract including a site visit.

We’re Fully QBCC Licensed

If you don’t want to DIY then leave it all to us.

We are fully QBCC licensed (QBCC LIC: 1061436) to take your shed or carport from council approval to completion. Our awesome team of concreters and erectors will provide you with a building to be proud of.

queensland building and construction commission QBCC


Your shed will be designed to meet the windloadings of your specific site and fully comply with Australian Standards.

sheds sunshine coast


Bluescope Warranty Available (Conditions Apply).

Bluescope steel


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Customise Your Shed To Compliment Your Sunshine Coast Home Or Business

Our experienced team of shed builders specialise in crafting strong, steel sheds for customers on the Sunshine Coast. As established shed builders, our reputation is important to us, which is why we work so hard to deliver strong results every time. We work closely with every customer to design and build custom sheds for any purpose.


Our sheds can be built with a wide range of features, including open bays, enclosed bays, divider walls, extra floors, and more. You can also customise the size of your shed, including span, length, height, roof pitch, and more. If you’re looking for expert shed builders in the Sunshine Coast who can build a shed exactly the way you want it, get in touch with us at Just Sheds.


Our sheds are custom made to match your property. Whether you’re looking for a small domestic shed for woodworking and crafting at home, or large industrial sheds for storage of heavy machinery and valuable stock, we can build it for you. You can also choose the design and look of your shed, from colour to shape and floor plan, to ensure it perfectly suits your purposes and fits your space.

Our Staff Are Available To Help You Choose The Right Shed For Your Needs

Stylish designs and competitive prices are just the beginning when purchasing your garage, shed, barn, or carport. Our friendly staff and high quality service can offer you the highest level of customer satisfaction, as well as invaluable advice when it comes to your individual shed needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insulation for my metal shed?

The level of insulation required depends on the factors such as where the shed is located and what it will be used for. Carports, for example, may not need insulation, whereas a storage area or workspace probably would need it. We can advise on the type of insulation that’s likely to work best for your specific project.

Are your sheds suitable for residential use?

No. Our sheds aren’t built to comply with residential building standards and the planning permission granted for a shed doesn’t include residential use. In addition, we don’t fit electrical wiring or complete plumbing, although both these installations can be retro-fitted. Although not suitable for residential use, our sheds can be easily adapted for use as a workspace, if required.

Why choose Just Sheds as your shed builder?

Choosing Just Sheds as your shed builder means choosing an established, reputable company:

  • Extensive Industry Knowledge: With over 25 years of industry experience, we bring our rich expertise and deep understanding of the unique climate to every project we undertake, ensuring our sheds and carports stand up to the elements and meet your individual needs.
  • Vast Geographical Coverage: One of the core strengths of our business is our geographical coverage. No matter where you are in the South East Queensland region, we’re ready to bring your project to life.
  • ShedSafe Accredited: We adhere to the highest building standards as per the Australian Building Codes, and we are proud to be ShedSafe Accredited. This accreditation, along with our QBCC licensing, ensures that you’re receiving the best sheds crafted with high-quality materials.
  • Robust Products: When you invest in one of our sheds, you’re not just buying a structure; you’re getting a product that’s built to stand the test of time.

In short, when you choose Just Sheds, you’re choosing reliability, premium-quality materials and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Are your sheds made in Australia, or are they manufactured overseas?

We take great pride in offering sheds that are made with Australian steel. We firmly believe in supporting local industries and reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we source our materials domestically, reducing transportation emissions and supporting local businesses in the process.

Do I need to secure any kind of permit?

Building permits are usually required for constructing a shed, but the specifics can vary based on your location and the dimensions of the shed. Factors such as proximity to property boundaries, shed size and usage may influence whether a permit is needed.

Contact our team for guidance about general requirements. Also, check with your local council or regulatory authority to understand the exact regulations for your area. Securing the necessary permits is an important step in ensuring your shed complies with local codes and standards, and we’re here to support you through that process.

How long does it take to build a shed?

A smaller, basic shed can be completed within a few days once construction starts. However, for larger and more complex sheds, construction might span several weeks. In addition, before construction can start, there are steps such as obtaining any required permits, site preparation and scheduling, which can add to the overall timeline. It’s also important to note that factors like adverse weather and unexpected site complications can cause delays in the building process.

At Just Sheds, we pride ourselves on working efficiently and diligently to get your shed built as quickly as possible without compromising on our high standards of quality and workmanship. We will give you a more specific timeframe when we understand the specifics of your shed and the conditions at your site. Connect with us today to discuss your needs.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, we proudly offer a BlueScope warranty on all our sheds. This warranty covers the structural integrity of your shed and the durability of the materials used in its construction. We stand firmly behind the quality of our products and workmanship, and this warranty offers an added layer of protection for your investment.

Your peace of mind is important to us, and we want you to feel confident that choosing us as your shed builder is the right decision. The BlueScope warranty is part of our commitment to delivering not only high-quality products but also a high level of service before, during and after your shed’s construction.


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If you’re looking for experienced, expert shed builders to design and build your custom shed in the Sunshine Coast, get in touch with us at Just Sheds. We build high quality, custom sheds that will fit your space and stand tall for decades.