For quality made sheds in South East Queensland

Do you take care of Slab & Erect?

CKNR Pty Ltd trading as Just Sheds, is QBCC licensed (Lic No: 1061436) to complete your shed, garage or carport from council application to completion. We are not licensed plumbers so we do not undertake any stormwater connection – your downpipes will be installed to ground level only or if you choose, we will supply only. We only use experienced QBCC licensed subcontractors for concreting and erect works as we require a quality finished product at all times.

Are the kits easy to erect as an owner builder?

Yes. All columns, rafters, haunch and apex brackets are pre-punched and ready to bolt together. Furthermore, all products come with an erection guide, bill of materials, and hand drawn pages showing wall girts, roof purlins, door header heights, where to start sheeting on the gable ends, and a slab layout plan. Of course, we are also available for advice as well.

Is there a range of colours available?

There are 22 modern colours available in the Blue Scope Colorbond Steel Range, as well as standard Zincalume. You can choose different colours for your walls, roof, gutters, flashings, barge, and doors. See the colours available here.

Do the kits come with engineering for council?

Yes, a full set of engineering drawings (specific to your building) is available to you once we are in receipt of a signed contract and a deposit.
We can also lodge your council application for you if we are doing the build for you.

Does the engineering include engineering for the slab and footings?

Yes, our sheds are engineered for A, S or M soil types. Slab and footings engineering for soil types other than these can be arranged if required, but soil testing is generally not required by most councils for a garage slab.

Can my building be erected onto footings without a slab?

Yes, your shed or carport can be erected on ground level footings or embedded into the footing if preferred.

How are your buildings anchored to the slab or footings?

Each building is designed to be anchored with dyna bolts or hold down bolts or brackets set into the concrete.

I have some roller doors and windows of my own. Can you build the shed to accommodate them for me?

As long as we are given accurate heights and widths, we can organise the kit to use your doors and windows.

I have a four wheel drive vehicle. What height garage will I need for entry under the roller door?

With most garages, the height is determined at the eave where the roof sheet meets the wall sheet, but your clearance height under you roller door will be considerably less due to the depth of the drum of the door. Below is a guide to garage heights and clearance heights under roller doors.

Garage Wall height x Door clearance approx.

  • Wall 2.4m = Door 2m
  • Wall 2.7m = Door 2.3m
  • Wall 3m = Door 2.6m

Is it easy to extend the length of my building at a later date?

Yes. Unlike many other manufacturers that utilise a smaller end portal frame, our engineering uses the same size portal frame right through, making it very simple to add more portal bays and extend later.

Can I add a side awning at any time later?

Yes, this is as simple as cutting a neat slot in the wall sheets at each portal frame and inserting a flat plate bracket to pick up the column inside, and bolt the rafter to it outside the wall, extending out whatever width awning you choose.

I have a steeper roof pitch on my house. Can I get a steeper roof pitch on my garage?

Yes you can. Our roofs can be 5°,11°, 15°, 22°, 30°, and 45°, as well as the “Mansard” barn roof.  Sheds and Carports can have either gable or Monopitch roofs.


Please note 30° and 45° roofs are supply only kits.

How much deposit is needed to place my order?

The deposit amount depends on the type of works involved.
If it is Domestic Building Works, the deposit amount is governed by the QBCC – 10% for contracts less than $20000 and 5% for contracts over $20000.
If it is a Farm Shed/Non Domestic Building Works we ask a deposit of 20% of the contract price.

If a Kit Only Sale, we ask a deposit of 30% of the price of your kit.

If you wish to do your own council prior to the order, we will accept a minimum engineering deposit of $1000 with the balance of deposit due prior to ordering the kit.

What is the timeframe from ordering my kit to it being delivered/built?

For kit-only sales, not subject to council approval being completed, there will be a lead time of about 5-8 weeks from order to delivery time. For fully built jobs, the completion time is approximately 5-6 months (depending upon size) from receipt of council approval. Obviously, this may be subject to wet weather delays along the way.

Will my building be covered by a warranty?

Yes, the Bluescope Steel 15 year warranty applies (with conditions). If your shed or carport is constructed under a Domestic Building Works Contract you will also have the peace of mind of the QBCC Home Warranty Insurance Scheme.

What does BCA (Building Code of Australia) importance level mean?

Level 1 – Buildings or structures presenting a low degree of hazard to life and other property in the case of failure e.g. a hay shed.
Level 2 – Buildings or structures presenting a moderate degree of hazard to life and other property in the case of failure e.g. domestic buildings such as houses, garages and sheds.
Level 3 – Buildings or structures designed to house a large number of people e.g. school buildings.
Level 4 – Buildings or structures essential for post disaster recovery or hazardous facilities e.g. hospitals and power stations.

What does Terrain Category mean?

Terrain Category 1 is exposed open terrain for a 10km radius, no trees, other buildings or hills.
Terrain Category 2 is open terrain with a few trees and surrounding buildings. Normally a paddock.
Terrain Category 2.5 is small acreage blocks.
Terrain Category 3 is suburban backyards.

What does Wind Region Mean?

Australia has 4 wind regions, A, B, C and D.
Most of Australia is Region A, however South East Queensland (up to 100 km inland) is Region B.
Prior to providing you a quote, we will confirm which Wind Region your property is situated in to provide the optimal building for your site.