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Our sheds are the best choice when it comes to choosing large economical steel buildings.
The 35 metre span allows you ample room for most small to medium industrial applications.

At Just Sheds, we offer a range of industrial sheds to support your business in a host of capacities. Whether you’re looking for a commercial storage unit, a garage complete with Garaport for maximum flexibility of use or a simple warehouse type facility, Just Sheds can adapt and construct to your specification, giving you a space that perfectly meets your needs.

We offer clear spans of up to 35 metres and a standard wall height of 7 metres, along with a range of options for customization and our team at Just Sheds are confident they can supply your perfect working environment.

Our sheds are the best choice when it comes to choosing large economical steel buildings. The 35 metre span allows you ample room for most small to medium industrial applications.

Whether you need mass storage, or an industrial workshop, you’ll be able to customise our large industrial sheds to suit your exact needs. With clear spans up to 35 metres and standard wall heights to 7 metres, we can design a cost-effective factory unit, warehouse or large shed that will suit your requirements.

Commercial Storage Units

Using internal walls to provide extra support, it is possible to reduce the size of the main sections, reducing the overall cost of the structure.

Adding extra length and access is no problem and allows you to customise and design the perfect garage for your needs.

Additional bays and length can be added in the future, making your design flexible and cash flow friendly.

Industrial Building Sheds with large openings

With industrial roller doors, height is no longer an issue, allowing for higher storage or large vehicles.

Mezzanine floors can be installed to further increase storage of components and parts.

Roof ventilation and insulation can be installed to maintain the level of required comfort.

Industrial Shed with Office

Additional roller doors can be added at a later date.

Colorbond colours can be chosen to fit in seamlessly with almost any surrounding.

Internal View of Industrial Building

The addition of a lean-to allows for effective partitioning and greater overall span when required.

Skylights are an effective means to add natural light and reduce power consumption in your factory or storage unit.

Bays can simply be added in the future allowing for more space when required.

Internal View of Industrial Building

Portal frame construction has stood the test of time and will continue to do so long into the future.

Clear Span allows for obvious advantages, including huge amounts of usable space.

Galvanized steel provides for excellent longevity and great aesthetics, no painting required.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Industrial Sheds


What sort of industrial sheds are available from Just Sheds?

At Just Sheds you’ll find straightforward commercial storage units, with options for adding internal walls to increase support and reduce the overall cost. We can add length as required and you’ve always got the option to add more bays or length at a later date, so your commercial storage space is cash flow friendly.

Garages with Garaport

We also offer Garages with Garaport, so you can use the space as you wish, perhaps making an office area as well as having space for your customers to keep their vehicles sheltered. Our flexible approach means it’s easy for you to design your perfect workspace.

What are the advantages of industrial sheds?

The key advantage of choosing an industrial shed is how much flexibility you gain. Practical elements like industrial height roller doors mean no more worries about super high storage or large industrial vehicles. We can increase your storage capacity too, with simple tricks like adding a mezzanine floor.

Features like roof ventilation and skylights mean power consumption is kept to a minimum, as well as keeping your space comfortable for you and your customers.

What are the options for industrial sheds?

Our options for your industrial shed give you even more flexibility. We can include a lean-to to maximise partitioning and give you a greater overall span as required, plus additional bays can be added at a later date, so you know your space can grow along with your business.

What do you use for the internal construction of industrial sheds?

The tried and tested portal frame construction is ideal for any industrial space and is the key element of all our industrial buildings. Our use of Clear Span engineering means you can be confident you have a building that not only maximises the amount of useable space but will truly stand the test of time.

Finally, our choice of galvanized steel means you can be confident your building will look good for years to come – no painting or primping is required to keep your premises looking cared for and professional.

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Top quality materials and first rate engineering are only half the story and at Just Sheds you’ll find our team are friendly, knowledgeable, and full of useful advice to help you make the very best choice for the design and construction of your industrial shed.