American Barns

For quality made sheds in South East Queensland


American Barns give you that bit of extra space, style, and are fully customisable. They are very practical for a multi-car garage, boat shed, workshop, horse stable, or any large storage solution.

American Barn with 3 Roller Doors

Cost effective stylish 3 car garage. The smaller individual member spans mean a smaller overall price per square metre of floor space.

Allows for parking of tall boats, caravans, trucks, or farm equipment.

Tall middle section allows for the easy addition of a mezzanine floor for storage or additional accommodation.

American Barn with Garaport

Turn an American Barn into your unique accommodation option.

Customise window and door placement to suit your desired layout.

Add a balcony for the perfect entertainment area, or to relax after hours.

American Barn with Mansard Roof

Variety of roof styles available.

A Mansard roof increases headroom in centre section.

Add a second level by easily inserting a mezzanine floor to the centre section.

Mezzanine floor can be added at a later stage, allowing you to get what you need now and expand as required.

Horizontal cladding can make your shed blend into your surroundings.

Large Stable Options

Bay structure allows for easy customised fit outs for stables.

Tall centre section can accommodate tall roller doors, allowing easy access for horse floats.

Parapet wall allows for insertion of windows to increase natural light.

Ventilation can be added to ensure the comfort of you and your animals.

Split American Barn

Opening options include the addition of any type of door anywhere on the structure.

Additional lean-to can be added at a later date to suit your current and future needs.

The Original American Barn

Full range of Colorbond colours available.

Add more roller doors at a later date as you require.

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