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Protecting your horse

Here at Just Sheds, we know how important your horse is to you. We’ve been serving the equestrian industry for over two decades, so we understand what is important to breeders, owners and riders alike.


A horse can be one of your most treasured companions, so it deserves the very best protection. Made bespoke to your horse, rest assured that our sheds will meet your precise specifications and can support your horse’s health and long term development. It’s important that horses have dry areas to lie down or stand on because damp, cold and muddy conditions can lead to illness and discomfort.

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Built for the long term

Australian building standards are some of the strictest in the world. That’s why, when we say that we build some of the strongest sheds around, you can take us at our word.


Using quality materials including COLORBOND and ZINCALUME Australian steel, our expert team of craftsmen work hard to ensure your shed will last for years to come while providing a safe space for your horse. To learn more about our range of sheds and structures, speak to a member of our team.

A range of structures

When it comes to horse shelters, you can’t just take a one size fits all approach. After all, horses come in different sizes and have very different requirements. For example, some horses will hate being in enclosed areas, which is something that you’ll need to consider when designing your horse shed. Similarly, you might want to install some optional extras such as a ply or rubber lining to protect your horses from any potential injuries. Rest assured our sheds are made without any exposed edges to ensure your horse can’t hurt themselves.

Open front shelters

All of our shelters have an open front, making them perfect for more sociable horses. While a shed that is covered on all sides will protect your horse from the elements, it doesn’t provide them with any fresh air. With an open front, you can visit your horse whenever you like, saying hello without fiddling with doors and keeping a good amount of natural light flowing into the shelter. To support your horse’s long term development, a well ventilated and clean shelter is important, which is why all of our sheds are designed with open fronts.

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If you’re in need of a horse shelter to keep your horses happy and healthy in their downtime, look no further than Just Sheds. We have a wealth of experience in building and maintaining horse sheds, using only the highest quality materials and methods in line with Australian building regulations. Call your local store today or visit us on the Sunshine Coast to find out what we can do to keep your horses safe, secure and healthy.