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Top-quality Carports For Sale Brisbane


Carports are a great way to keep your vehicle protected from the elements while still providing easy access. Here at Just Sheds, we are dedicated to producing first-class steel carports for our customers throughout Brisbane. Being a family-owned business, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we take care to ensure that each and every customer is happy and satisfied with their carport purchase. We can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed. Our carports are made using the best quality genuine BlueScope and COLORBOND® steel, and you can rest assured that we are ShedSafe accredited.

If you want to learn more about our carport options or are looking for a quote, give us a call on 07 3881 1188 or contact us online to speak to a member of our friendly staff!

Garage With A Carport Extension Brisbane

100% Custom Carport Designs & Installations


At Just Sheds, we know that adding any installation to your home is an important decision, which is why we design and install our custom carports to meet your unique requirements.

You can choose the width, height, and length of your carport, and can even attach it to your garage to create additional vehicle space if desired. Combining a carport to your garage is a popular choice for our customers who want to create a workshop or an additional room but are limited on space. Our designs are versatile and can easily increase your property’s value for if you ever decide to sell. Contact our team today on 07 3881 1188 or contact us online to discuss your specific requirements.

All Carports Are Constructed Using COLORBOND® and BlueScope Steel


When you install a carport on your property, you want to choose a product that will maintain quality and durability for many years to come. That’s why we manufacture all our products using authentic COLORBOND® and BlueScope steel. COLORBOND® combines an anti-corrosive steel base with a first-class paint system. This has established its reputation as an outstandingly durable product, as a sustainable material, and as an extremely low-maintenance solution for carports and other projects.

Carports Brisbane

Choose From A Wide Range Of Styles & Designs


At Just Sheds, we offer fantastic styles and designs for you to choose from. This is thanks to the great flexibility of our COLORBOND® products. The COLORBOND® range offers 22 Australian-inspired colours, guaranteed to give your home and garden the makeover you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll be able to select from the following designs:

  • Flat roof carport
  • Gable roof carport
  • Garage with carport
  • Garage with garaport and lean-to
  • Dutch gable carport

Flat Roof Carport


With its amazing customisation, a flat roof carport is a great choice. You won’t need to worry about vehicle clearance – this carport’s 1.3m standard front and rear cantilevers ensure room to move. And thanks to its fully-galvanised frame, you’ll enjoy your carport for years to come.

Gable Roof Carport


If you need more space and flexibility, a gable roof carport is a great choice. With the range of pitch sizes available, it will perfectly fit the dimensions of your home or building. What’s more, the gable end-clad option gives your carport extra style.

Garage with Garaport


Do you need more space? Try a garage with garaport. Our garaports can be purchased with your building or added to many existing Just Sheds and Fair Dinkum Sheds products. And don’t worry about shoddy design – the retained roofline means the garaport will connect perfectly with your building.

Garage with Garaport and Lean-To


With this flexible option, you’re spoilt for choice! Why not try an attached garaport and open lean-to, complete with a roller door and personal access doors? And as garaports and lean-tos can be installed on isolated piers, you won’t need to pour concrete – so you’ll end up saving money.

The Dutch Gable Carport


If your home features a modern façade or an existing Dutch gable design, this carport option might be just what you need. It offers style and practicality in one unit, as the standard 1.3m front and rear cantilever means you’ll be able to drive in and out of the carport with ease.

Simple Sheet Metal Carport

DIY Carport Kits Available


Have you been wanting to install your carport yourself? With the DIY Carport Kits available from Just Sheds, now you can! Our DIY kits come complete with all materials provided, plus a handy construction guide and full illustrated instructions to make the installation process as easy and straightforward as possible. The columns, rafters, brackets and panels in the kits are all pre-punched, so all you’ll need to do is bolt them together.

Advantages of Carports


We’ve explained why you should purchase your steel carport from us, but why invest in one in the first place? There are a few advantages that make a steel carport worth your while:

Superior Weather Protection For Your Cars


As a Brisbane local, you’ll know how unpredictable and harsh Australian weather conditions can be, and the detrimental effect strong sunlight can have on our cars. No matter what make or model your car may be, leaving it out in intense sunlight for long periods can leave it vulnerable to blistering, cracking, and paint loss.

One of the simplest and most affordable ways of keeping your vehicle in perfect condition is by installing a carport outside your home, so you can park your car in the shade.

Protects & Reduces Damage To Your Garden


As well as providing protection for your car, a carport effectively protects the garden too. It’s very easy to simply park your car on the yard if there’s no space on the drive or to direct your visitors to do the same. Parking cars on grass can damage the area, particularly if it’s parked there for long periods. You also risk running over any plants, but with a carport, this can be easily avoided, as your car always has a home.

Convenient Extra Space


Your carport doesn’t have to be used as a carport 100% of the time, providing you with a convenient extra space to use as you please. Or, it can simply act as a storage area for any garden or home maintenance equipment.

Carports Are Easy To Maintain


We make our carports from COLOURBOND® steel, which is virtually maintenance-free. It is also resistant to cracks and rotting, and can withstand almost all weather conditions. If you did want to clean it to maintain your carport’s aesthetic, all it would take is a bit of water and soap.

Get in Touch for Quality Carports Today!

If you are interested in having a carport installed in your Brisbane home, don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 3881 1188 or via our online contact form for your free quote. Our friendly and professional team is more than happy to provide more information or offer advice on your carport choice.

If you want to keep your vehicle protected from the elements but don’t have space to install a garage, a convenient and cost-effective carport installation is a great alternative.

Here at Just Sheds, we specialise in the installation of high-quality, durable carports that will keep your vehicle in great condition.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Do Carports Last?

At Just Sheds, we take pride in the fact that our carports are made of incredibly strong COLORBOND® and BlueScope steel, so once we have installed your carport, it can stay in great condition for between 10 and 20 years.

How Can I Maintain My Carport?

COLOURBOND® steel is virtually maintenance-free and resistant to rotting and cracks, but there are a few things you can do to keep your carport in good condition.

Washing it with soap and water will keep it looking sparkling, but it’s also a good idea to check that the foundation is also in good condition. Keep an eye out for any signs of water damage or rust, and call our experts if you need any further advice.

Do I need insulation on my carport roof?

If your Brisbane carport is in an exposed location with continuous sun exposure, then we would recommend a layer of roof insulation. This helps to reduce the amount of heat penetrating the carport, protecting your vehicles from heat-related damage.

Can I add walls to my carport later on?

In most cases, yes. If you want to add on to a Brisbane carport we’ve manufactured for you, get in touch and we can design a reconfigured structure to meet your new requirements.