Australian Made Steel Sheds

Our Sheds & Carports are Made of Australian Made Steel

Our Sheds & Carports are Made of Australian Made Steel

Is your structural steel, roofing and walling compliant to Australian Standards?

When selecting your steel sheds or carport supplier, look for and insist on using genuine Australian made BlueScope steel to ensure compliance, long lasting guaranteed performance, warranties and peace of mind.

Our industry includes manufacturers who use imports that do not meet Australian quality and safety standards and come with fraudulent claims, labels and assurances. The supply of an increasing percentage of non-compliant, unsuitable and often faulty steel and steel products is a very real concern for safety, asset value and whole of life performance in development projects and prefabricated steel components in Australia.

The difference lies in performance requirements. COLORBOND® steel complies with a number of Australian Standards and was designed in Australia for Australian conditions. It is manufactured by BlueScope Steel, with a reputation second to none. COLORBOND® steel is not just powder coated steel. It is one of the most advanced steel products in the world, combining the outstanding anti corrosion performance of a ZINCALUME® steel base with a superior paint system. With imported steels you may not have all of these guarantees of quality and who would be there to back up your warranty if your steel failed?

Look for the brand that identifies the long lasting guaranteed performance of genuine BlueScope Steel.  Where it’s appropriate to place branding, products manufactured from COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel can be identified by the laser engraved COLORBOND® steel branding to ensure you know you are getting the real deal.

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