DIY Sheds

For quality made sheds in South East Queensland

Should you DIY or Not?

For most small carports, sheds and garages, the erect can be a completed over a weekend or couple of days depending on the ‘hired help’. We would recommend a minimum of two people, particularly with safety in mind, but it’s not an overly complicated job.

For large sheds, though, it’s a different story. If you are a skilled tradie or know someone who has experience in shed building or roofing, then it might not be a challenge.

There are specific owner-builder requirements in each state. In Queensland the QBCC require you to obtain an Owner Builder Permit where the market value of works (including slab/footings and labour) exceeds $11000.  You will need this permit prior to obtaining your Council Building Approval.  As an owner-builder you are also not covered by the QBCC Home Warranty Insurance.

However if you are in any doubt we would always recommend using our Full Build Service (we only use licensed QBCC erectors & concreters) to ensure your finished shed or carport is reflective of the quality of our product.

Where you decide to DIY we will provide you with a full set of engineering drawings for you to submit with your building application.

We will also provide slab/footings plan and erect instructions to assist with building your new shed or carport.