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Affordable Custom Garages

Our garages cover a large range, providing for people who need something for storage or a workshop. Available are single garages, double garages, or a garage that has as many roller doors as the engineering will allow. These inexpensive designs can be modified to suit your individual requirements. It is possible to vary the span, length, height, roof pitch, and many other parameters.

Steel garages offer a number of advantages over other possible designs. They are inexpensive compared to brick and timber options, which can cost up to 400% more for a similar sized building. Furthermore, with Colorbond cladding, you can be certain that your investment will look great for years to come.

Our range of Steel Garages, start at a width of 3m with lengths beginning from 6m. The standard wall height for a garage is 2.4m, however with our innovative design and quoting software we can, in seconds, customise width, length, eave height, bay spacing, and just about anything that relates to the building’s design.

Available roof pitches include: 11°, 15°, 22°, 30°, and 45°.

Custom Garage

Ideal for projects and securing your dream cars.

Insulation available.


Extremely efficient cost effective design for simple household storage.

Ideal for the protection of that special car, boat, or bike.

Removable centre mullion makes two front doors into one large door.

Skylights are available for providing natural light.

Flexible design allowing the movement of personal access doors and windows to suit your specific requirements.


Adding a roller door to both ends allows you to build a garage and still maintain access to the rear of your yard.

Different colour flashing to wall and roof sheeting allows you to blend your garage’s design with that of your home.

Extremely space efficient design which can be customised further to your specific needs.


Adding extra length and access is no problem and allows you to customise and design the perfect garage for your needs.

Additional bays and length can be added in the future, making your design flexible and cash flow friendly.

Ideal for self storage centres and other commercial applications.


Add on as many doors as you like.

Make the height of your shed and/or roller doors as high as you like.

Combine your car garage with a storage area.

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Why choose steel garage sheds from Just Sheds?

At Just Sheds, we are experts in building bespoke sheds and garages for clients across various industries. Our sheds are tailormade just for you; we can build sheds in the right size and shape for your plot and your purposes, ensuring that your shed is built to withstand years of use. We use only the best materials in our sheds and garages, and we go the extra mile to ensure every construction we work on finished to the highest standards.

Why Colorbond Steel?

At Just Sheds, we build our sheds from Colorbond Steel, one of Australia's most well-known and enduring construction materials. Colorbond Steel is both attractive and functional; it's available in a huge range of colours and built to withstand the harsh extremes of the Australian climate. Not only this, but Colorbond Steel is 100% recyclable and easy to maintain, requiring just a simple washing or hosing down semi-regularly to keep your Colorbond garages looking great for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do garages and sheds cost?

Garages and shed prices will vary hugely depending on the size and complexity of the garage we design for you. Broadly speaking, bigger structures will cost more, but you can also choose to keep the costs down if you opt for DIY installation – though this isn’t recommended for larger, more complicated garages.

How big can my garage be?

We can build a garage or shed in a range of sizes, from as small as 3m by 6m up. Each garage and shed we design is custom-built to your specifications, which means the size and dimensions of your shed can be as big as you need them to be.

How long do your garages and sheds take to build?

The build time will depend on the garage you’ve ordered. Generally speaking, most garages and sheds can be assembled on-site in just a few days, though it often takes longer than this to create and assemble the individual elements of the garage before construction because all of our sheds are custom built.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, at Just Sheds we are confident of our workmanship, which is why we offer a six-month warranty on all of our sheds and garages. Suppliers of the materials and products we use will also offer their own warranties, which we will go over with you before you purchase your shed.

How sustainable are your sheds?

Our Colorbond Steel sheds are 100% recyclable and are also produced using recycled contents. By choosing a recyclable material for your shed or garage, you can ensure you’re doing your part to reduce future landfill use and make sensible choices for the planet.

How can I finance my shed?

We work with Skye Mastercard, which customers can apply for to pay for sheds and garages with no deposit and six months interest-free. Terms and conditions apply; you can find out more about your eligibility for this card in our finance section.