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Custom Carport Builders Sunshine Coast

Our high-quality steel carports are a perfect inexpensive way to shield your car from the elements. As with all of our products, you can choose the span, length, and height of your carport. But why stop there? You can include a carport on the side or front of your garage, giving you a secure place for storage or a workshop. We have years of experience in providing quality workmanship and custom carport designs throughout the Sunshine Coast QLD area.


Our team of expert carport builders are kept up to date on the standards of Australia’s Building Code so you know you’re not just getting the best quality workmanship, you’re getting a product that will meet health and safety regulations.


Your car is a huge investment, so keep it safe with a Just Sheds custom carport. Call us today on 07 5445 8532 or contact us online to speak with a member of our friendly staff!

Carports Sunshine Coast
Carport Builder Sunshine Coast

Our Carports Are Built With Colorbond® & Bluescope Steel

We are a family-owned business that cares about our customers’ satisfaction. We won’t rest until each and every customer is happy with their carport.


Not only is your satisfaction our top priority, but we care about safe, long-lasting products. That’s why we will only make our carports with the best quality genuine BlueScope and COLORBOND® steel. You can trust that our carports will keep you and your car safe because we are ShedSafe accredited.


Carports are the ideal choice for protecting your car from the harsh sun and weather on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. But you need ensure your carport is built with the best quality steel to protect your car. For a carport you can trust to do the job, choose Just Sheds. Call us today on 07 5445 8532 or contact us online to speak with a member of our expert staff!

Carport Kits Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking for an economical carport option, have you considered one of our carport kits? The carport kits Sunshine Coast homes and businesses buy from us contain everything necessary to quickly and easily assemble your own carport, as well as detailed instructions on the process. Our kits are available in a selection of designs, colours and sizes, enabling you to choose one that’s exactly right for your circumstances.

The carport kits are easy to assemble and no specialist tools are required.

View Our Wide Range of Carport Designs

We offer five different carport designs, each of which can be customised if you need something a little different. The designs have been chosen because they reflect the most frequent needs our customers have. Each design incorporates a tough, weatherproof roof, made from durable Colorbond and Bluescope steel. Designs include the option to add additional buildings and storage facilities onto the carport, creating a complete unit that can be used as a vehicle shelter, storage space, workshop and more.

Flat Roof Carport

Customisable size and colours makes the flat roof an ideal choice for any situation.

1.3m standard front and rear cantilevers allow more room to swing your vehicle in and out.

Fully galvanised frame to ensure the longevity of your investment.

This is a traditional carport design, comprising a flat roof supported by steel stanchions. The carport can be assembled as a standalone shelter for vehicles, or adjacent to a shed or outbuilding to add an area of the versatile shelter. Customers can choose the height, length and width of their carport.

Gable Roof Carport

Gable Roof design optimises member span capabilities to provide wider spans and more versatility than the Flat Roof design.

Available in 11°, 15°, 22°, 30°, and 45° pitch to suit the design of any existing building.

Gable end clad option adds a touch of style to the front and rear elevations.

If you live in an area that experiences challenging weather events or need a roof that drains rain away easily, a gable roof carport could be the best choice. Gable roofs are more weather-resistant than flat roofs. They also have a different aesthetic, which makes them a popular choice for residential properties.

Garage with Garaport

An attractive way to increase your storage, workshop, and parking area.

Garaports can be added to most existing Just Sheds and Fair Dinkum Sheds but can also be purchased with the initial building.

Retention of one roof line allows the Garaport and existing structure to blend seamlessly.

A good way of extending the shelter your vehicles can enjoy, the garage is augmented by a garaport – a covered area in front of the garage doors that shields vehicles from the elements. As well as providing an additional parking spot, the garaport can also be used as a workspace or similar application.

Garage with Garaport and Lean-to

A range of possible options available including an attached Garaport and open Lean-to, along with a roller door and two personal access doors.

Can be built on isolated piers which can be a much cheaper option to pouring a concrete slab initially.

Why not add more options to your shelter/storage provision with the addition of a lean-to? A lean-to is a shelter that shares a wall with your garage, adding extra indoor space for a relatively small outlay. Combined with a garage and garaport, you can enjoy generous shelter and storage that’s versatile, easy to maintain and highly durable.

The Dutch Gable Carport

Fits in perfectly with modern house designs that utilise Dutch Gable designs.

Standard 1.3m front and rear cantilever allows for easy entry and exit of the carport.

Adding a decorative touch to your carport, a dutch gable provides visual interest as well as gives your carport a weather-resistant profile.

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Why you should consider a carport on the Sunshine Coast

A double carport can be particularly important if you are a homeowner in the Sunshine Coast QLD area. For most Australians, this is a prime investment, and something that will help you to add value to your property easily, but when it comes to adding carports to your Sunshine Coast property, there are a few specific reasons why you could benefit. 

Protects your vehicles from the harsh Sunshine Coast sun


There is a reason why it is known as the Sunshine Coast, and blazing sun can be a particular problem for car owners in the region. Excess sun can damage the paint on your vehicle, causing blistering and cracking, and may also damage other parts of the car. If you don’t have a garage to cover your car in the summer, then you definitely need a carport.

Convenient storage for your vehicles and other belongings


Looking for a place for all those odds and ends that you need with a car? You might have a box of bits including oil, car jacks and other accessories which you don’t need to have in the vehicle all the time. A custom design carport can be the ideal storage for all of these bits and pieces, preventing them from getting lost in your home. 

Carports help prevent damage to your garden


Many homeowners choose to use a carport because they want to preserve their garden. You don’t want vehicles to cut up your expensive grass or run over plants, so a carport is the ideal solution. A carport can help you to keep guests’ vehicles out of your yard. 

Carports add value to the property


A good reason to add a carport to your home is that they can increase the total value of your property. You prevent theft of the car from your home by increasing the security, reducing insurance costs, and make the building more desirable for potential buyers. 

Carports are versatile and can be used as an outside room


You can also make use of the carport as an outside room, and during the summer you can convert it into a living space. Just take out the car and put in a table and a few chairs, and you could be having an outside party while protected from excess sunlight. A new carport design can provide shelter from sun and rain during the summer months. 

Our Carports are built to last with little to no maintenance required


All of our carports are made from COLORBOND® steel, a virtually maintenance-free material. This type of steel is resistant to rotting and cracks, is durable and tough, and can withstand most weather conditions. With this type of steel, you never need to worry about the stability or longevity of your carport. Cleaning is simple too! All you’ll need is some soapy water to sponge down any marks or dirt.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About Our Custom And DIY Kit Carport Options

Just Sheds is an established provider of high-grade, durable sheds, outbuildings, carports, animal shelters and similar structures across the Sunshine Coast. Our range of carport kits provides an affordable opportunity to enjoy a structure that’s built to the highest possible standards and will offer excellent performance for decades.


Our friendly, professional team is happy to answer any questions you may have, or provide further information on our carport kits and other products.


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A New Carport


Do Just Sheds carports come in a range of colours?

We understand that your home is about you. That’s why we make it so easy to personalise your carport to your home’s aesthetic.


The BlueScope COLORBOND® steel range comes in 22 modern colours, as well as a standard Zincalume. You are free to choose between different colours for the roof, gutters, and posts to get the perfect combination for you and your property.

Are your sheds stormproof?

Each shed that we make is manufactured and erected to a very high standard. Compliant with all relevant building regulations, as well as Shedsafe compliant, we use premium materials and skilled craftsmanship to create structures that are as robust as we can make them.

Do the kits include everything I need to install a carport?

You can purchase a carport as either an easy-to-install DIY kit or request assistance from your local distributor for the construction process.


The DIY kits come with all the columns, rafters, brackets, and panels pre-punched and ready for you to bolt together.


They’ll even come with a full construction guide, a list of included materials, and hand-drawn illustrations demonstrating each element and its fitting.

Can you build me a freestanding carport on the Sunshine Coast?

In a word, yes! Our sheds can be erected as freestanding buildings, or built as an extension to an existing property.

How do you measure for your custom carport?

In a word, yes! Our sheds can be erected as freestanding buildings, or built as an extension to an existing property.

When considering the size of the carport you will need, you should take three measurements.


First, take the width. This is the distance along the side of the wall where your carport will be positioned. This will be the side of the carport that faces the side of your car.


Second, you need to measure the projection. This is the distance the carport spans out from the supporting wall and will face the front or rear of your car.


Lastly, you will measure the height. This is the overall vertical height of the carport’s structure.