Creative Ideas For Custom Shed Usage

Custom Office Shed

Creative Ideas For Custom Shed Usage

Custom sheds are a great way to utilise acreage, create storage solutions or increase the usability and value of your home. Ahead are a few creative ideas to put your custom shed to use…

Home Gym

A custom shed is the perfect place to set up a home gym, providing a convenient, dedicated space for your workout equipment away from the distractions and clutter of your main living area. Plus, your shed can be tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences so you can enjoy a personalised experience.

Consider installing a wall-mounted television or audio system so you can watch your favourite workout videos, catch up on the news or blast motivational tunes while you exercise. You might also like to invest in an air conditioning system or ceiling fan for increased ventilation.

Office or Workshop

If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or hobbyist, a custom shed can provide you with an ideal space to focus on your work or projects.

Depending on the type of work you do, an office space might require nothing more than a desk, comfy office chair and storage shelves–as well as a mini fridge or coffee maker for a quick snack break or caffeine hit. Other jobs might require you to install a workbench or tool rack to keep projects easily accessible.

Workshops can help to keep your property tidy while optimising its usability. When you’re working regularly with craft supplies or other materials, it’s easy for pieces to end up in other living areas of your home; workshops provide the space to house all your projects or equipment for the hobbies you’re most enthusiastic about.

Guest Accommodation

A custom shed can also be used as guest accommodation. This can be convenient if you have friends or family who visit frequently, older children looking for a little more privacy, or if you’re interested in renting out the space short- or long-term.

You’ll need to bring in a bed as well as storage areas for clothing and other belongings. To create a space that’s more independent from the main dwelling, you could even install a small bathroom and kitchenette.

Games Room

For families who love to entertain, or just want a space to set up their favourite pastimes, a custom shed can be turned into the perfect games room.

From pool tables, ping pong tables and foosball tables to arcade games or obstacle courses, build a room that will foster fun and social activity for all ages. Perhaps you’d prefer to set up a gaming console with multiple screens, an audio system and comfy seating so you can watch films or stream games all night long.

Don’t forget to install a snack bar and mini fridge so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your shed when you get those mid-game munchies.

Extra Storage

Custom sheds can be used to add extra storage space to your property for your gardening tools, outdoor furniture, recreational equipment or winter clothes. A shed will keep these items out of sight and protected from the elements so they can maintain quality for longer.

Consider building shelving, tool racks or cupboards to best suit your storage needs and make the most of your customised space.

Vehicle Storage

Use a custom shed to allow for easy access, secure storage and tailored space for your trailers, tractors, horse floats, boats, caravans, heavy duty equipment and other vehicles. Not only will this add necessary protection from the elements to minimise weather damage, but you can customise the space to incorporate storage solutions for related tools and equipment, like fishing kits or jump starters.