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Custom, quality garden sheds in Brisbane

Sheds are the most useful part of any garden and are the perfect place for you to store garden tools safely and securely. Here at Just Sheds we know what makes a great garden shed and have been providing happy customers with quality custom sheds for years.

Features of our garden sheds in Brisbane

At Just Sheds, our goal is to provide our customers with only the best garden sheds. We are a family-owned business, and pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our clients are thoroughly satisfied with our work. Want to know more? Contact us today to get a free quote.

Can be entirely customised

We know that every customer will want different requirements for their garden shed in Brisbane. We can design small sheds for amateur gardeners or create specially designed garden sheds for those with green thumbs. Whatever your requirements, we can create a perfectly sized garden shed using our innovative design and quoting software.

Weather-proof for the Brisbane climate

Our garden sheds are designed to withstand the hottest temperatures in Brisbane as well as the wettest days. We use BlueScope steel, a product that complies with a number of Australian standards, and was designed in Australia to survive the country’s often extreme weather. Better yet, the steel can be coated in COLORBOND®️, which comes in a range of 22 colours, meaning that you can personalise your shed to your exact standards.

All our sheds our built ‘ShedSafe’

We are proud to say that all our sheds (from the smallest garden shed to the biggest industrial shed) are built ShedSafe. ShedSafe is a two-tired accreditation programme, which assures customers the sheds they are buying are structurally sound and are the best fit for them.

This accreditation can’t be purchased, it has to be earned, meaning that we are even more proud to hold this accreditation. No matter your garden shed design, you can be assured that our structures will be the best they can be.

Long lasting quality

Sheds are an important aspect of any garden, so they should last as long as you need them to. All of our sheds are made out of high-quality steel that is designed to last. Our materials are cost-effective, durable and are of the highest quality. Because our garden sheds are specifically designed to meet your unique needs, we can alter the design to suit your requirements and the weather of your area. All of our steel sheds are coated with COLORBOND®️, which will protect your shed from the elements and give it an elegant and personalised finish.

Build your dream shed today

If you are looking for an affordable, stylish and durable garden shed for your home, contact the Brisbane Just Sheds team today to speak to us about your unique requirements.

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