What Size Shed Can I Build Without A Permit?

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What Size Shed Can I Build Without A Permit?

It would be easy to assume that you could just build a shed on your property without any interference or any worry. This is sadly not the case, and there are a whole host of laws and regulations that you have to be made aware of before you recklessly put a shed together – you could open yourself up to a hefty fine.

We must state that the regulations are different between states. Today we are looking primarily at how shed-building works in Queensland, and the specific size of a shed that can be built without permits in this state.

The Queensland Regulations

It might be helpful to define exactly what is meant by a shed. We all know what one is, but the legal definition is a non-habitable (also known as a ‘Class 10a’) structure built to supplement a residency. In most suburban Queensland areas, you can build such a structure without permission, provided it is under 10 square metres. However, this is not the only rule to keep in mind – there are still more you must understand.

The height of the structure is not allowed to be any higher than 2.4 metres, and it also may not have an average mean height above 2.1 metres. On top of this, no wall can be longer than 5 metres. This might seem like a lot to remember, so you might benefit from seeking the proper permission, just in case.

What happens if I violate these regulations?

If your shed goes against any of the above specifications and you do not seek planning permission from your local council, then there is every possibility that you will come to regret it. You might be made to remove your shed, and that alone should prevent this risk from being worth taking.

It may also prevent you from selling your house down the line if not every structure has been approved, plus insurance may not cover any injuries that result from the shed.

Residential planning codes can increase your available floor space to 60 square metres. Despite this, the shed walls will still only be able to go up to 2.4 metres. Alternatively, you can contact the council to request a proper planning permit. This can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks – but this is much better than having your shed forcibly removed because it was too tall.

Just Sheds specialises in helping you get the shed that you need, with several custom builds for private, commercial, or industrial clients.

We know that sheds can be difficult on a logistic (and legal) level, but we are here to help every step of the way.

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