Which Material is best for My Custom Shed?

Which Material is best for My Custom Shed?

So, you want a shed or maybe you need a shed? We all do, don’t we? Sheds are useful as they can store the stuff you don’t want cluttering up your house, they’re good for housing tools or equipment, a good place to pursue a hobby or just a place to get away from the world. It doesn’t matter the reason, they are good things to have. Now that has been decided you can get down to the fun part. What kind of shed are you looking for?

If you are looking for the prefabricated kind instead of building it yourself, then you’re in luck. Although you can choose off the shelf designs, you can also have them custom made to fit your needs. Here at Just Sheds we have plenty of designs to choose from and will work with you on your custom designs too. Over the years there has been a trend towards metal sheds in our opinion metal sheds are hands down the best sheds.

Old Style

The old style sheds were usually made up of scavenged pieces of wood and sheets of tin or corrugated iron.  You may have inherited one with your house. They are usually roughly knocked together structures that slowly deteriorate over the years and will continue to do so. They become an eyesore in your yard. Today’s best sheds are those with a bit of thought behind them and made of the right materials.

New Trend

Most of us think of old corrugated iron sheets bolted together when someone mentions metal sheds, but that is far from the truth. Today’s best sheds are made of steel. They are sleek and sharp looking. Sheds nowadays have gone high tech, even if their function hasn’t changed. The new type metal sheds are structures that you can be proud of and won’t look out of place.

The Advantages

Modern metal sheds have several advantages over the old style type of shed. One is their durability. Steel sheds last much longer than any other type of material. They are just as cheap as wooden ones. They are easy to assemble. Most suppliers offer to erect your new shed for you, but you can do it yourself. Some come with a metal base, so there’s no need for a concrete base. They can be disassembled and moved just as easily. Metal sheds require very little maintenance and are fire resistant too.

Lots of Choice

Here at Just Sheds we endeavour to accommodate the wishes and desires of our customers. We think the best sheds are those that our clients feel satisfied with. We can offer you a wide range of designs, colours and fixtures in metal sheds. So, if you have a shed in mind, contact us through our message page or simply give us a call.

Customisation Tips to Create the Best Sheds