Carport Roof Styles Explained

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Carport Roof Styles Explained

Carports on the Sunshine Coast have become invaluable in protecting our vehicles and ourselves from the scorching summer sun and the effects of the storms during the winter.

The stand alone carports that we supply here at Just Sheds come in three different roof types so match the look you desire and blend in with your existing home.

All are completely customisable in relation to length and width to suit your needs with the choice of roof being possible the most important decision.

Flat Roof

Our flat roof carports on the Sunshine Coast are a highly effective and inexpensive way of covering you beloved vehicle to keep the expensive paint job looking great.

The roof itself is not completely flat as it has a slight elevation from the middle out to the sides so that water can run off effectively and not pool in the middle which would give you pools of stagnant water and possibly damage the roof.

The can fit in seamlessly with any existing home or property and they have as standard 1.3m cantilevers both front and rear so that swinging in and out of your new port will be a breeze.

Gable Roof

These stylish roofs have a range of inclines available so that you can match it perfectly to the pitch of your homes existing roof. The pitch starts at 11 degrees and has five different angles to take you all the way up to 45 degrees of pitch if required.

If you are looking for a wider carport then the gable roof is ideal as it will put less stress on the structure and have a range of extras so that it can be customisable to your needs.

Dutch Gable Roo 

This option will bring design and style to your carport and class to your property.

Like the standard gable roof, it works excellently for both smaller and the larger carports while giving you a colonial style that will look great with newer homes and will add value to your property if you were to put it on the market.

Because of the luxurious styling this model is used dually by a lot of our clients who also use the space to entertain in the shade due to it being so aesthetically pleasing.

All Year Protection

All of our carports and roofs are built and tested to handle everything that the weather can throw at us in summer and winter to give you peace of mind.

With all the options there are also extras available, including colours, so that you can customise it to your tastes and once it is installed in your home it will work for you throughout the year, effortlessly.

Covering Up

Protecting your vehicles with one of our Just Sheds carports on the Sunshine Coast, can save you thousands in the long run due to the protection it will provide to your car’s interior, paint job and the value it will give to your home.

To discuss your new carport with a member of our team, contact us today by calling our office on 07 5445 8532.

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