Different Types of Industrial Sheds

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Different Types of Industrial Sheds

Sheds serve a multitude of purposes and are utilised in many ways in numerous industries. We offer a range of sheds Sunshine Coast and for the rest of Queensland.

From workshops to warehousing, from vehicle storage to aircraft hangers, you are bound to find industrial sheds from Just Sheds put to effective use.

The word “shed” may conjure up thoughts of something bland or shoddy however, this is a misconception.

Modern sheds look nothing like that imagery. Instead, they come fully customisable, constructed with flexible and durable steel and can come with inclusions such as windows, roller or sliding doors, additional bays, or even skylights!

High quality, Australian-made building materials and BlueScope steel give these sheds the edge in performance and durability.

Compared to other materials, industrial sheds are cost-effective, and their flexibility and configurability make them easy to customise according to your business needs.

There are different types of industrial sheds, and build and design will depend on how the shed will be utilised.

Workshop Sheds

Workshop sheds are particularly useful if you run a business such as an automotive repair shop.

They are also perfect for personal use if you need your own space to repair your own vehicles or equipment.

Highly customisable, these sheds can be built with ample space making it easy to get equipment in and out.

If you need optional fittings, Just Sheds have a range of affordable additions such as insulation and mezzanine floors.

Aircraft Hangar Sheds

These specialist aviation sheds are able to accommodate light aircraft, military or commercial aircraft, depending on the specification.

They are usually designed with extra wide side and front openings, and slide-away doors to ensure that aircraft can be safely towed in and out of the shed.

They are also big enough to house large trucks or boats.


The scope for industrial warehouses and factories are endless and can be applied to numerous businesses.

These types of sheds provide an ideal solution for setting up a large-scale gym, manufacturing goods, or housing a car rental business.

Agricultural Processing Sheds

Farmers are very aware how invaluable well-constructed industrial sheds are.

Being able to harvest, store, sort and process perishable produce within a shed manufactured from strong, weather-resistant materials and finishes, minimises waste and maximises profit.

Your Business, Your Choice

When it comes to your business, you expect the best, so come to Just Sheds when you want a high-quality, fully customised shed that suits your business operations needs.

For some of the best sheds Sunshine Coast has to offer call us today at 07 3881 1188 or use the online contact form.

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