Do You Need to Build a New Garage Shed?

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Do You Need to Build a New Garage Shed?

When it comes to taking on a building project, there is a lot to consider and it is no different with sheds or a customised garage.

Modern sheds are extremely robust and durable, especially if they are constructed with fine Australian-made steel.

The flexibility and efficiency of this material allows the builder to easily customise garages or any steel building according to your preference. Before you start building, it is important that you carefully consider the choice of material.

Think of the shed’s purpose and its ability to withstand the harsh Australian elements.

Another plus with choosing steel is that it cannot be destroyed by termites, unlike timber. This is where Just Sheds can help you.

Steel garage sheds are easier and faster to construct compared to conventional builds, and produces less waste onsite, making it a very cost-effective option.

Before building your garage, you will have a consultation with your builder to determine exactly what you need.

Just Sheds range of steel garages start at a width of 3m, with lengths beginning from 6m.

The standard wall height for a garage is 2.4m, but with our innovative design and quoting software we can quickly customise width, length, eave height, bay spacing and anything else related to your garage’s specifications.

Here is a list of considerations that should be covered in a consultation.

Garage Design

Steel sheds vary in design and size depending on their purpose and each type will have a different price tag.

The type of steel used is extremely important.

Sheds constructed with Australian-made BlueScope steel ensure compliance, are long lasting and guarantee performance.


Your customised garage can be tailored in terms of length, span and height, in virtual seconds thanks to our innovative design software.

If there are changes to be made during the designing phase, it will incur no additional cost.

Optional Extras

Optional add-ons will definitely take your basic shed to the customised garage you always hoped for. You can take your steel garage to the next level with additions such as fittings, flooring, skylights or even insulation. These inclusions will come with an additional cost compared to that of a basic shed.

Get Expert Advice

At Just Sheds, we are leaders in the building and shed industries with decades of experience.

Get in touch with our friendly staff for a free quote or handy advice. We would love to hear from you! Call us today on 07 3881 1188.

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