What does ShedSafe Accredited Mean?

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What does ShedSafe Accredited Mean?

Building or buying steel commercial sheds is serious business.

There are many building companies out there who use imports that do not meet Australian quality and safety standards.

To compound things, some companies may offer products low quality imported products.

By buying Australian safety-compliant products from Just Sheds, you can protect you and your family from non-compliant steel and steel products.

Cheap imports may compromise the safety and integrity of construction projects as well as pose serious safety risks.

What is Shedsafe?

When selecting a building company for your residential or commercial sheds, be on the lookout for the ShedSafe Accredited logo.

ShedSafe is an independent industry body that accredits both the manufacturers responsible for the engineering and design, and the shed sellers responsible for making sure these designs are the best fit for their customers.

The body acts by conducting reviews and ensuring the manufacturers and sellers comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Just Sheds is proud to be a ShedSafe accredited steel building supplier.

Safe & Compliant

In our business, safety is our top priority.

As a family-owned, QBCC-licensed business serving the Queensland coast for 25 years, we know the importance of ensuring that your home and business remain safe and secure.

All our sheds, garages and carports are designed and certified to the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

The Australian-made BlueScope steel that we use in our steel building kits can withstand the toughest Australian conditions.

All of our steel commercial sheds are designed according to the location and landscape specifications of the building site.

Factors such as wind region, shielding, importance level, terrain and topography, snow and earthquake loading, are all taken into careful consideration before we design and quote your steel shed.

Why Choose ShedSafe?

Australia has its share of both harsh climate and extreme weather conditions.

Recent tropical cyclonic damage revealed that there were a number of structurally compromised buildings that did not meet Australian standards, prompting the Australian Steel Institute to take action.

ShedSafe Accreditation was formed as a result of this initiative.

When you choose a ShedSafe Accredited supplier like Just Sheds, you can be assured that your steel buildings have the integrity and guarantees that comply with the Building Code of Australia.

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