Why Men Love Sheds

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Why Men Love Sheds



Every single one of us should aim to have a shed on the Sunshine Coast in our garden.

This is because of the many uses of it.

Some of these uses can include storage of gardening materials such as lawn mowers and the similar.

On the other hand if you renovate the shed and get the electrical cabling installed it can also be used as an office or man cave to be separate from the main house preventing any distractions or interruptions.

Also if you have appropriate ventilation in the shed it can be used as a playhouse if you have children.

Over the past decade the popularity of sheds has shot through the roof.

However today we’re going to look at why sheds are so popular with men.

Why do men love sheds?

We have all heard the term man-cave and that is what a shed can be. Here are just some of the reasons as to why men love sheds on the Sunshine Coast:

  • It allows you to get away from the stresses of the house or after a busy day it gives you a place when you can be one with yourself and relax.
  • It can be a place to store all of your necessary tools or alternatively to work on a DIY job.
  • You can invite your mates round and get some sofas put into the shed for you all to sit around and have a beer.
  • It can be the perfect place to practice playing your favourite instrument without annoying any of the other people in your house.
  • It is a place you can call your own.
  • To distract you from any worries or stresses you might have by immersing yourself in a task.

Recently it has been pointed out that having a shed has saved many men from suicide or other mental health issues.

Men as social beings like to immerse themselves in a task in order to distract themselves from any worries they might have as typically men won’t show their emotions and this has led to a rise in mental health issues in men.

So having a shed can both act as a utility and a life saver – there has been many cases where men suffering from these issues have praised the investment they put into the shed.

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