5 Types of Steel Garages

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5 Types of Steel Garages

Sheds and garages can be constructed from any acceptable building materials such as traditional brick and mortar or wood.

However, if you are looking for construction that is both strong and durable, your best bet will be using steel as the material of choice.

Compared to timber and brick, steel is inexpensive and allows more flexibility in design of the building.

Steel is also construction efficient, producing little or no waste after building.

If you decide to go with a steel garage, choose Just Sheds, a builder that uses Australian-made BlueScope steel which meets Australian quality, safety and compliance standards.

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Here are some of the differences when choosing a garage:


Garages provide a range of purpose – from storage facility to providing a workshop space.

Just Sheds’ line of garages start at a width of 3m with lengths beginning from 6m but through the use of innovative design and software, we can fully customise your shed width, length, eave height and bay size according to your steel garage’s building specs.

Carports Sunshine Coast

Carports Sunshine Coast are a cost-effective way to shield your car from the elements.

Steel carports can come in a range of attractive designs such as the Flat Roof Carport, Gable Roof Carport and Dutch Gable Carport, to name a few.

You can choose the colour, span, length and height of your carport and we will build it.

Quality Barns

If you are looking for extra space that is stylish, customisable and cost-effective, then the American Barn design is perfect for you.

These steel barns can be used for a multi-car garage, boat shed, workshop, horse stable, or any large storage solution.

Agricultural/Farming Sheds

Agricultural or farming sheds are multi-purpose and can be used for a variety of situations, from storing farm equipment or hay, or for use as an open stable.

Just like steel garages, these sheds are also completely customisable, allowing you to add features and accessorise as needed.

You can choose to have roller doors or steel sliding doors installed, or even add divider walls in open bays.


With clear spans up to 35m and standard wall heights to 7m, you can get an affordable steel factory, warehouse or large shed to suit your business requirements.

If you are looking for a mass storage facility or an industrial workshop, then these steel units may be just what you need.

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