Fair Dinkum Sheds

Be inspired by our customised Fair Dinkum Sheds

No matter what you want to achieve, when it comes to sheds, we can make it happen. Fair Dinkum Sheds provides premium sheds that are tailored to your specific requirements.

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Customised shed that’s exactly what you’re looking for

The beauty of a Fair Dinkum shed is that it’s designed to your exact specifications. No matter what purpose your shed needs to fulfill, how large or small you want it to be, or what additional details you need to make it a good fit for your home or business, we can create exactly what you need. Examples of the sort of shed our customers can order include dual-use sheds; fully or partially insulated sheds; storage sheds; sheds for animals, industrial work, and related activities; vehicle sheds; garages; carports, and many more options.

Sheds made from premium materials

Our sheds are constructed to a stringent build specification using Australian steel with the option of Colorbond cladding. Additional insulation can be installed to make the shed more weather resistant and reduce the need for internal temperature control. Fair Dinkum Sheds design outbuildings that are constructed to withstand challenging weather events, as well as the rigours of our climate. Requiring minimal maintenance, once installed, you can expect our sheds to last for decades without the need for repair or replacement.

Full build or assisted build options

If you have the equipment and expertise on hand to build the shed yourself, we make sure you have everything needed to get the job done properly. For larger sheds, where planning permission is required, we will issue you with a full set of technical drawings to submit alongside your application. If you prefer to have the installation done professionally, we provide a full build service, using local providers who are able to build your shed safely and correctly. Our service options include site preparation and laying foundations (footings), as well as building the shed itself.

Add some extras!

If you want a skylight, roller door, internal walls, or a mezzanine floor as part of your shed design, let us know and we can incorporate it into the finished building. Depending on the use to which you intend to put your shed, factors such as security, pest control, humidity control, natural daylight, and temperature control may all be considerations. We can design whatever you need, creating a shed that’s exactly right for your needs.

Extensive warranties

Depending on the material you decide on for your shed, you can expect anything up to a 15-year warranty on the finished item. Our goal is to provide sheds that are built to last, and last well. Many of our installations will last for decades!

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